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Line Cleaning

Line Cleaning

One of the quickest ways to lose drinking trade is by serving poor pints – and more often than not, the reason for poor pints is dirty beer lines. Goldbarz can help you ensure every pint is a perfect pint.

Goldbarz offers a service that has been proved by Innserve and Coors to improve quality & reduce costs. We do not use an automated system – all beer lines are cleaned manually – by hand – by one of our trained professionals, giving you time to concentrate on running your licensed premises.

Reducing the costs of beer wastage is essential, however it is equally essential to consistently provide quality beer for your customers.

Goldbarz is a member of the L.P.S group and throughout the UK, L.P.S group members professionally clean hundreds of thousands of keg and cask beer lines each year, while providing a preventative maintenance service for your dispense equipment. For those who prefer to clean their own cask lines we can still quote for keg lines.

The L.P.S service has been independently tested for Innserve LTD the largest technical service organisation in the UK, and by Coors Brewers LTD.

The results conclusively proved our service consistently provides ‘beer at its best’ and reduces existing costs by at least 33%.

There is no purchase, rental agreement or contract, customers continue to use our service through satisfaction, not legal agreement.

Cellar management and beer line cleaning
A series of trials have been undertaken between: Innserve Ltd (the largest technical service organization in the UK) AND L.P.S. (The specialist cellar maintenance and beer line cleaning company).

To evaluate the performance of the L.P.S service. L.P.S manufacture their own brand of chemical for beer line cleaning and glass washing, a portable mixing unit and yeast inhibitors. These products when combined with a preventative maintenance service, ensure that beer line cleaning is only required on a three weekly basis, as apposed to the existing weekly cleaning.

To ensure the independence of the trials, all samples were evaluated by Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association (C.C.F.R.A).

The trials were conducted at a standard independent trade outlet, products were sampled from the cellar and the dispense taps, before and after cleaning, once every three weeks.

These samples were taken by Innserve Ltd in chilled containers to C.C.F.R.A, where the samples were analysed and detailed reports provided.

The results of the trials confirmed consistent, significant improvement in line hygiene, beer quality and presentation.

The preventative maintenance service, provided a reduction in dispense problems at the account, resulting in a reduction in service call-outs.

Technical information regarding the details of the trials can be obtained by contacting L.P.S.